Training and Hands On Activities

Entities belonging to the NATIFLife Network are invited to attend Info Days and Hands On Activities, which will be organized in Catania-Italy and Malta.

Training through INFO DAYS

Info-days (M12 Catania, M18 Malta) will be organized to disseminate the project results. Each event lasting 2 days.

The first day will target the public audience, entities not belonging to the NATIFLife Network  and the NATIFLife Network.

Topics: The NATIFLife project, Active ageing and well being, assistive domotics, Pilot Demo Sites and Info Point presentation, Informative portal presentation

The second day will be dedicated to train entities recruited through networking activities.

Topics: Technical subjects (including demos): Assistive Technologies, User- Centered Design, Embedded Sensing Systems, Postural Monitoring, Indoor Localization, Assistive Robotics.

Training through HAND-ON Activities

Two events of 2 days each will be organized in Catania and Malta at the Pilot Demo Sites.

The first day is dedicated to enterprises and R&D (both from the consortium and network) to focus on technology development, through sessions on specific topics such as:

  • Available and advanced AT
  • Rapid prototyping of wearable and flexible sensors
  • Sensors and smart embedded systems
  • User Centered Design
  • Indoor/outdoor navigation and localization
  • Postural monitoring

The second day will involve also End Users to promote Assistive Technology and to implement assessment sessions on AT.

End-users will test and get in confidence with traditional and innovative assistive technology, to provide a unique feedback to developers and to implement strategic integration actions.