Research Labs

The project aims at the reinforcement of two Research Centers in Catania-Italy and Malta, which will be complementary in performing disruptive activities in the feld of AT, thus representing a reference for Enterprises.

R&D-Lab@University of Catania-Italy

This Lab will be reinforced with equipment providing new development capability in the design, realization and characterization of flexible and wearable sensors as well as smart multi-sensor systems and robotic systems.

Main equipment:

  • Inkjet printer for the rapid prototyping of flexible and wearable sensor and flexible electronics
  • Station for rapid prototyping of PCB and micro-patterning
  • Design, development and testing station
  • Sensors and embedded platforms
  • Mobile terminal for the development of User-Center Designed Interface
  • Robotic Platforms

R&D-Lab@ University of MALTA