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  • Public Entity - Assistive Technology Research
  • DIEEI - University of Catania (Italy)
    Main activities of the Department are teaching, basic and applied research mainly focused on the following areas:

    - Information Technology;
    - Automation, Control Systems and Robotics;
    - Electrotechnology;
    - Electrical Systems;
    - Electrical Machines, Drivers and Power
    - Electronics;
    - Microelectronics;
    - Instrumentation, Sensors and Multi-Sensor Systems;
    - Telecommunication.

    Research Laboratories have been developed in areas above mentioned and each laboratory is equipped with up‑to‑date hardware and software systems both for the educational and the experimental activities.

    Collaborations and Projects: In all fields the research activities involve collaborations, both at a national and international level, with industries and public institutions.

    Projects of national interest are developed in collaboration with other Italian Universities with the financial support from MIUR (Italian Ministry for University and Technological Research).

    International projects are supported by the European Commission and other international funding organizations.

    SensorLab@DIEEI, University of Catania, Italy
    Competences and Activities
    - Micro-Nano transducers, inertial sensors and actuators
    - Polymeric Transducers, I2PMC sensors and actuators
    - Rapid Prototyping of sensors (Inkjet Printed Sensors, PCB) low cost solutions for the rapid prototyping of flexible architectures for inertial and chemical sensing
     - Sensors exploiting innovative materials (e.g.ferrofluids, ferroelectrics, multiferroics, IPMC).
    - Embedded Systems (Low cost smart multi-sensor systems, low power budget and early warning strategy).
    - WSN, Authonomous Smart Sensor Nodes
    - Inertial multi-sensor systems
    - Sensors for Human Security (Human posture, tracking)
    - Ambient Assisted Living, Active Ageing & Well Being, Smart Living (Fall Detection, Activity Daily Living monitoring, Well being and Active ageing, Cognitive Assistive Systems, User-Enviroment Contextualization and Interaction, Indoor Localization, Postural Instability Monitoring).
    - Structural and Hazards Monitoring (low cost early warning systems, exploiting advanced signal processing, for seismic and structural monitoring).
     - Energy Harvesting (non linear conversion mechanisms for scavenging energy from wideband mechanical vibrations).
    -Smart signal processing and bio-receptors enhancement.

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